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Chip Level Servicing:

  • Basics of electronics
  • Mobile basic working
  • Tools demo & smd component replacing practice
  • Assemble and dismantle differing mobile phones, block diagram
  • Identify mobile parts, ICs and their function
  • Mobile phones repair testing method
  • Dead mobile tracing steps
  • Replacement of different parts
  • Electronics component testing identify , replacing
  • Mobile phone section & faults detail.
  • Mobile phone section & faults detail.
  • Understanding mobile problems and solution with flow chart
  • Repairing and practice of mobile
  • Mobile phones repair testing method practical
  • Types of smartphone operating systems (os)
  • Different mobile operating systems
  • Copy contact, photos, of phones to phones/computer
  • Ios upgrading and unlocking process
  • Samsung android smartphone upgrading and unlocking process
  • Windows mobile phone software repair concept (video)
  • Introduction of smartphone models
  • Trouble Troubleshooting steps of smart phone repairing
chip level