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Calicut top tech repair cafe giving second chance to office laptops that have retired!

We assure to offer you the best in both price and repair service. All our repair comes with assured warranty, and Free Pick & Drop across Calicut.


We are located at A6, Jawahar Colony, PO – Eranhipalam, Calicut – 673006 Kerala, India View map.
  • Fixsquad, Calicut  provides professional repair, maintenance and diagnostic services for office computers, laptops. 
  • Fixsquad  is mostly concerned with helping business owners and IT guys fix device issues like slow and failing computers
  • For SMEs and corporates, Fixsquad, helps to troubleshoot their office devices and fix conveniently in case of failure
  • The Top Laptop Repairs in Calicut  that also re follows 4 Easy steps and you enjoy 24/7 after repair supporting repair, maintenance and diagnostic services for their IT gadgets
  • The Laptop Repairs in Calicut that also repairs mobile phones has revolutionised how customers are accessing repair, maintenance and diagnostic services for their IT gadgets
  • The firm also provides IT and remote support for businesses, schools and corporates
  • Repairing with Fixsquad,  follows 4Easy steps and you enjoy 24/7 after-repair support
  • Fixsquad is located in Calicut and customer care agents are easily accessible on 9946666843 for inquiries

You have to finish up on a PowerPoint presentation because tomorrow is a big day. A great day when you have to convince your superiors why they should abandon the strategies that they have been using and embrace new ones.

Having a broken down phone or computer can be very frustrating.

Everything seems okay, your laptop is working just fine, your office window is slightly open enough to allow a cool breeze in to calm your nerves. Water is boiling in a decrepit kettle at the kitchenette in one of the office corners waiting for you to make some black coffee.

You are making good progress and the determination to make your grand point tomorrow keeps you typing and typing.

Excitement seems to be the mood in the air because you are even moonwalking to go make your coffee.

However, you have to hurry up because the office will be closed soon but more importantly, your newly wedded spouse is waiting for you or your child is waiting for you to play.

Fixsquad  is a UAE based professional Service centre  helping offices, firms and individuals troubleshoot and repair their computers and phones.

You pick your mug of coffee and head straight back to your desk but no sooner had you taken your seat than electricity went out which is common these days due to weather conditions..

You inadvertently pour some of your coffee on your keyboard and as you grope for your phone to switch on its torch, you push your external hard drive past the edge of your desk. The next thing you hear is the drive smashing hard on the glossy ceramic floor. 

Everything other than the generator – lastly serviced five years ago – turning on is happening so fast and before you know it, you have unsaved work, damaged laptop, crashed hard drive and as if that’s not enough damage, your job hanging in the balance. If this is not enough to drive you berserk, I don’t know what is. You have no idea what you should do, maybe you do but where to start is the issue.

Do you call your wife first, do you scream, do you call, text or email your immediate supervisor, do you write an apology or a resignation letter?

Despite the situation being this bad, you don’t have to worry because Fixsquad Calicut Best Laptop Repair in Calicut will be there to save your work, your job and probably your marriage. 


Services offered by Fixsquad

Are you a business or any type of organization that has piles of faulty computers and other devices taking your office space? Maybe all the machines need repairs but you don’t know how to start fixing them.

Are you getting a lot of pressure from your boss and workmates due to device failure affecting productivity and work? 

Or, are you dealing with delays after taking office devices to a repair shop to get fixed and every day you show up you are told: “Just something little remaining, come tomorrow”?

If the above best describes you, then you do not have to worry about all that when you have a trusted repair partner like FixSquad.

Whether you are a small or a big company, having a trusted partner to take care of your office gadgets is imperative to avert stalling of work. However, the dire need for a repair partner does not need to be traded for mediocre services.

Office and business devices are an integral part of any company especially in this COVID-19 times when many operations have been computerised and shifted to remote working.

Fixsquad is the leading tech repair service Centre in Calicut. Its ultimate goal is to ensure that business operations are not disrupted by any IT device breakdown.

The tech hub is a one-stop-site where you will have a new lease of life given to your office Laptop(s), computer(s), or phone(s).

It is a destination for quick, same day and quality repairs. Among clients, Fixsquad  has worked with and left them smiling after unexampled service include; MY OP, KIA, Volkswagen and others.

Fixsquad has quick and safe pickup and delivery services for machines that need diagnostics or repair. 

Fixsquad deals with all types of repairs and replaces gadget parts as well as offering maintenance services under one roof, just to ensure your business devices are finely tuned for optimum performance.

With certified engineers, you can expect to get back to business almost immediately. Your gadgets will be fixed within no time and still enjoy world-class customer service with a dedicated contact person.

With over 10 years of experience in cutting a niche in this field in UAE, Fixsquad  will get the job done efficiently while ensuring safety and proper handling of devices so you get them back in an excellent state!

Did we also mention to you that the repair firm also offers pick up, mail-in and drop off services from your business or office? That is exactly what you get when you partner with results-oriented firms.

But wait, there is more:

You track the progress of your device’s repair, authorise or stop repair and process payments from your client’s online portal.

While you would want to worry about the safety of your business data, Fixsquad Best Laptop Repair In Calicut guarantees you data protection policies that ensure your information does not get to third parties.

Interesting, right?

They take care of the problem before it can actually occur by conducting regular maintenance and checkup of the office devices either onsite or at our service centre and in case you need supply of computer accessories, visit Get All Repair Parts & Accessories   for all your laptop(s) ,phone(s)  and accessories needs.

Get your business the best repair partner today, email to support@fixsqaud.in  or contact 9946666843




















We assure to offer you the best in both price and repair service. All our repair comes with assured warranty, and Free Pick & Drop across Calicut.


We are located at A6, Jawahar Colony, PO – Eranhipalam, Calicut – 673006 Kerala, India
View map.