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Phone insufficient Storage Error! 2 Proven Methods to fix

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Is your Android phone or iPhone giving you the “insufficient storage” error when you are using it?

We all hesitate, when we try to install a cool new game or an intriguing new app, or an OS update onto our Android or iOS device, and you can’t. You’ve run out of space.

You might have purchased a new smartphone with good storage capacity, according to you. But unfortunately, the storage on your phone is never as much as it seems to be. This insufficient storage error not only slows down your phone, but it also shows errors while downloading apps. That’s not your fault altogether; lots of phone storage is consumed by the operating system & the pre-installed apps.

You might also see this error when your operating system is short on the workspace. You might have got the required space for the end product of the process, but the lack of workspace in your phone might hinder your app download. 

The question that comes to our minds always is “Why does my storage keep getting full?” And sometimes you cannot see the files causing this.

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Got an Android Operating System? How to fix insufficient storage error

There are many possible causes for insufficient working storage. Android apps usually use three sets of storage spaces – one for the app itself, second for the app data files, and third for the app’s cache. These caches can grow very large, but yet Android termed them as free space that space is not available as a working space for app installation. 

So if you’re getting the insufficient storage error over and over, the first thing you need to do is to clear the cache and check if the problem is solved or not. The procedure of clearing cache depends on the version of your Android set as well as your device maker. Here are some steps that you should follow for clearing the cache.

  1. First, open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Apps and choose the applications manager who is listed after apps.
  3. Scroll sideways, and you’ll be able to find the downloads section. In this section, you can see the storage consumption of all apps.
  4. Then sort them in descending order by selecting the size option.
  5. Click on a clear cache.
  6. You can repeat this process on all the crashing apps.

If you are using an android device that uses external storage like SD cards, then cleaning the cache might not solve your problem. In such types of devices, the available room at the disposal of the user is far less than what is reported when you purchase a particular device.

The reason behind less storage is that many of the system apps are installed in the in-built storage of the device & not the external medium. 

What to do if You have IOS?

The chances of getting insufficient storage error are very fewer in iOS than Android because it stores the cache of the app in the same compartment as its data. For security purposes, iOS keeps each app walled off so that cache does not reside in any other free space.

Unlike many Android sets, iOS doesn’t mislead you & tells you whether you’ve enough storage available to install a particular app beforehand. 

By chance, if you still get the insufficient storage method, then you can choose any of the following methods. 

First Method of fixing insufficient storage error:

It would help if you had at least 6GB of space for an over-the-air update. You can also get free space by deleting an app. You have to follow these steps.

  1. Tap & hold on one of the app icons on your home screen; you’ll see it wiggling.
  2. Then tap the X icon on each app you want to do away with. For uninstalling the app & clear the data, tap on the OK button in the confirmation form.
  3. The last step is to press the Home button to stop the wiggling.

Second Method of fixing insufficient storage error:

For removing the specific components of the apps – like storage-intensive videos, follow these steps.

  1. Tap on General in the Settings app.
  2. Then tap on Usage
  3. To see the list of apps & their storage space, tap on Manage Store in the Usage Menu.
  4. For the apps that have > next to their names, proceed to delete their required files after a list pops up.
  5. For deleting the files, you’ve to tap Edit in the upper right corner & then tap on Delete.
  6. Tap on Done.

Have you followed these methods of fixing insufficient storage errors to no success? Then Fixsquad may provide some assistance. AtFixsquad, the best Mobile Repair in Calicut, we closely monitor your device. All you need to do is to drop your device at our Mobile repair center in Calicut, request for pick up or mail in from wherever you are, and we will fix the phone’s insufficient storage error quickly and professionally.

If None of This Works?

If All Else Fails, You May Have a Hardware or Software Problem, contact Fixsquad, the best Mobile Repair in Calicut  for help!

We assure to offer you the best in both price and repair service. All our repair comes with assured warranty, and Free Pick & Drop across Calicut.


We are located at A6, Jawahar Colony, PO – Eranhipalam, Calicut – 673006 Kerala, India
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