Expert Gaming Console Repair

Expert Gaming Console Repair

Serious gamers never want to be without their PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo. So when the weekend rolls around and you’re ready for a marathon of COD or GTA but your machine won’t boot up, bring it to Fixsquad for gaming console repair.
The last thing you want to do on a Friday night is take off your headphones, unplug your console and head out to a repair shop — especially if you just settled in with a couple of Hot Pockets and a 2-liter bottle of Dr Pepper. You might sit there, hoping against hope your gaming console will come alive again, or fruitlessly trying to insert a disc over and over that the machine is unable to read.
But that’s just wasting more time. Entrust your gaming console to the professional repair technicians at Fixsquad. You probably won’t even have to leave your console over the weekend — whenever possible, we do repairs while you wait. No need to make an appointment.

Gaming Console Repairs:

There is always some anxiety that comes with waiting for your electronics to be fixed. Whether you need cell phone repair, computer repair or you’re having issues with your gaming console, you will likely sit nervously while we inspect your device, fearing that we’ll tell you it can’t be fixed.But you can relax. Stay Calm in our Cafe, Enjoy your coffee, Play a game or two, until we can probably fix it.
As an avid gamer, you may have heard of — or seen yourself — the dreaded red ring of death or the always-alarming E74 error on an Xbox. We laugh in the face of these warnings, because we know how to repair them quickly to get you back to your game of Madden or FIFA 20.
If you’re not a gamer, but your kids are, you know how important Minecraft or Mario Kart is to them. And it’s important to you too, so you can get some work done, or just some peace and quiet. If your kids’ game console isn’t booting up or their favorite games aren’t working, bring their device into Fixsquad for quick and efficient game console repair.

Fixes For All Gaming Devices

We even repair handheld gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch. These devices come with their own set of problems that is more unique to portables, such as a cracked screen. They’re more vulnerable to moisture damage from juice boxes, and they fill up with graham cracker crumbs. Really young tots can jam up the works with a banana or anything. We’ve seen it all.
Sadly, you can’t just drench your Switch in Formula 409 and wipe it with a paper towel. While our technicians are experts at repairing game consoles and portable gaming devices, it takes time and practice to perform these delicate maneuvers correctly. Do not attempt this at home.
Trust us with your family’s gaming console repairs. We bring back your fun!