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Welcome to FIXSQUAD!

When your phone breaks, laptop starts to have issues, when your mac suddenly stops working as it was when new, when your gaming console decides to break down or when you lose your valued data, whom do you turn to for help? 

You probably went online and looked for ‘mobile phone repair in Calicut or maybe you searched for – ‘mobile phone repair shop near me’ or ‘Laptop repair near me’, Gaming console repair near me, or in case you lost data “Data recovery experts Calicut  or maybe a friend recommended the best mobile phone repair service in Calicut  to you. That’s us!

It doesn’t matter how you landed up on our website. You’re here now and you’re in the right place.

Fixsquad is the best Phone repair, Laptop repair, Tablet repair, gaming console repair and data recovery experts service center in Calicut equipped with the best technology and team to help you with any Phone, Laptop, Tablet, and gaming console repair in Calicut.

Devices We Repair

We work with all kinds of businesses, schools, and organizations to provide high-quality repairs at prices that your accountant will feel good about.